HRCRC: Experts at ADR

Complainant: “You may investigate this matter, to ascertain who is right, who is telling the truth.”
Mediator: “When we find out who’s telling the truth, what do we do with the information?”
Complainant: “So some sort of punishment can be meted out on the wrong party.”

As an organization, we have entertained cases where parties hold on to the above idea about dispute resolution.

Mediation, conciliation and arbitration as alternative method to dispute resolution fosters a win-win situation, where parties are not told who is wrong and who is right, but are made to consciously see their own mistakes and voluntarily through compromise, bury the hatchet and seek peace and reconciliation.

Mediation and conciliation does not seek to ascertain who is wrong and punish him (this is solely the purpose of litigation), it seeks to solve the problem, mend the rift and salvage the relationship between both parties.
This method is currently encouraged by our court as they insist on parties exhausting the option of settling out of court through mediation and conciliation before litigation.

HRCRC as a organization is saddled with the responsibility of fighting for the human rights of everyone. However, in matter which are not about fundamental rights enforcement, we wage peace, we resolve conflicts because we are Human Rights and CONFLICT RESOLUTION CENTRE.

“Blessed are the peace makers for they shall be called the sons of God.”

Do have a peaceful weekend.
From all of us @hrcrc.

HRCRC: Experts at ADR

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