HRCRC Co-Convenes National Day of Mourning in Abakaliki

28th of May, 2019 was set aside to mark National Day of Mourning in Nigeria. A day set aside to honour victims of the killings, banditry and drew government’s attention to the spate of Human Rights abuses in the country.

The Right to life is the Fundamental Human Right on which every other right hinges. This Fundamental Fundamental Human Right is now so abused and it is now a testament to the gross disrespect for all individual rights in Nigeria.

While it is a national event, in Ebonyi State, it was Co-convened by HRCRC, NEW foundation and DIG foundation. It was commemorated with a series of solemn events and activities with included a radio program on Unity FM 101.5, a solemn match around Abakaliki metropolis; and a minute silence and prayer for all the departed at 12:00pm on that day.


HRCRC Co-Convenes National Day of Mourning in Abakaliki

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