HRCRC Observes Elections in Ebonyi State

HRCRC is proud to have observed the conduct of the presidential elections in Ebonyi State.

Apart from a few isolated technical and logistical glitches around the state, it was an attestation to the fact that Nigeria and indeed Nigerians are slowly maturing from the adolescent democracy we’ve had into an adult one.

We sympathize with the families and friends of Igwe and Sunday who lost their lives in an attack on the eve of the elections; and wish speedy recovery on Simon, Alo and Simon who were also injured in same attack in Amagu in Ebonyi State.

Noticeable however was a very low turn out of voters; with an average of 38% of registered voters carrying out their franchise in their polling units. Many blamed it on the postponement.

As collation continues, HRCRC urges a sustenance of the peaceful and decent conduct exhibited by electorates and citizens generally.

Finally, we demand that INEC Ebonyi learn from the shortcomings in the conduct of the presidential elections and replicate the successes of the just concluded elections in the state elections coming up in a fortnight.

HRCRC Observes Elections in Ebonyi State

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