Child Abuse and Neglect Due to COVID-19 Lockdown

Despite the partial lockdown, HRCRC was besieged within the last month with a medley of matters that mostly resolved around domestic violence and gender abuse, child abuse and even trafficking amidst others. Women and Children are worst hit as they suffer the brunt of the frustration in society due to the pandemic and the plethora of the attendant effects…
Pictured here is Gift (15), who is here in Abakaliki, working in a restaurant to raise money to eat. She has no knowledge of her home town, or her parents names or dates and times of her sojorn to her present life.
Through investigation, HRCRC has contacted her elder sister, who will come to identify and will lead HRCRC to her parents after the lockdown. After consultations with security agencies, she currently lives with a good Nigerian who volunteered to, whilst HRCRC monitors her welfare.

Gift (15)

Also, a One year old baby consistently abandoned by his mother for one day or more in many instances to either go to the market to sell, or travel to buy goods…
Whilst we acknowledge the economic reality of Nigeria and Ebonyi State that may warrant this single mother to try to legitimately earn income to cater for her needs and that of her child, HRCRC cannot and will not stand for any form of child abuse: especially in the subtle almost acceptable form of NEGLECT….

Child Abuse and Neglect Due to COVID-19 Lockdown

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