The 2019 Edition of the annual HRCRC Newsletter telling our story since the last publication is out. Here is an excerpt of the Director’s Preface:

I cordially introduce you to this edition of HRCRC Newsletter. This edition brings to you stories, articles and news of our activities since the last edition. The period covered includes amongst other activities, the implementation of the Peaceful 2019 Electioneering in Ebonyi Project; – between January and June 2019 and sponsored by Irish Aid and St Patrick’s Missionary Society SPS. Also, there is a centre spread of pictures telling our story more than words ever could.

We have also included in this edition The Concise Report of our observations of the last elections in Ebonyi state; as well as an article summarising the pre, during and post-election processes.

Also, for your digest are real stories that have been enhanced as articles to both provide a relatable background to the reality of our world today, as well as lessons to garner from. Whilst names have been changed to protect the identities of the parties, the stories – ranging from violations against women and children, girl child subjugation, land conflicts, Human Rights etc – are real and will hopefully be enlightening and insightful.

Importantly, this edition contains articles about the just domesticated Administration of Criminal Justice Act / Law in Ebonyi state and the implications, as well as the new Nigerian Correctional Service NCS Act replacing the Nigerian Prison Service and how the new changes could help make our Criminal Justice System more efficient.

I hope you find it a good read

George Etamesor

Acting Executive Director


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